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Hello people,

This is Megha from Mysore. The reason why I created this blog is to tell people who does not cook that how easy and interesting it is to cook. Most of the people I have come across says that cooking is not easy. But I tell you if you know about ingredients, if you know the simple tips and tricks in cooking, you will be the Master chef!!

I will be sharing the most easy and tasty recipes and also few secret tips of cooking. lets start with the basic dishes and go to the more complicated dishes.

I have learned few of the tricks from my mom and i have learned few of them from my own experience. I am a CONNOISSEUR. I love mom cooked food, I love street food, I love fast food, precisely I just love food which is cooked with lot of Love and Taste. That way I know what blends with what. It helped me a lot in improving my cooking taste.

The first and foremost necessary ingredient to cook is the INTEREST in cooking. If you have the interest but does not know from where to start, am all here to help you.

You have all the interest and am here with you for the rest of your cooking journey so what next??

A little knowledge about cooking ingredients. I know most of you will have the basic knowledge of what is what. So as I go forward I will let you know about the ingredients I use for the particular dish.

Lastly I would like to tell you a secret. Any dish cooked with LOVE will be LOVED forever!!


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