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hurli jhunka is a recipe made out of horse gram which is very different from all other curry recipes. Horse gram gives much strength to the body and with right ingredients it tastes delicious.

For hurli jhunka first we need to make the powder. we can store the powder in a air tight container for however long we want. Since we fry all the ingredients in the powder, it’ll not go bad.

Ingredients for hurli jhunka powder:

  1. Horse gram / hurli kaalu – 1 kg

  2. Cumin seeds/jeera – 100g

  3. Turmeric – 50g

  4. Fenugreek / methi seeds – 25g

  5. Dry chilli – 100g


  1. Dry roast horse gram in a low flame until it breaks into 2 pieces.

  2. Put it in a mixer for 1-2 rounds so that peel of the horse gram comes off.

  3. Furthermore, clean and filter out the peel.

  4. Fry cumin and Fenugreek in a low flame until it gives out a nice aroma.

  5. Add fried cumin and fenugreek, turmeric, salt and dry chilli to the cleaned horse gram and make a fine powder.

Ingredients for hurli jhunka

  1. Onion – 1

  2. Green chilli – 4

  3. Garlic – 4-5 cloves

  4. Tamrind juice – 2 tablespoon

  5. Bengal gram/chana dal – 1 tablespoon

  6. Urad dal – 1 tablespoon

  7. Oil – 3 tablespoon

  8. Curry leaves

  9. Coconut ( grated) – 2 tablespoon

  10. Coriander leaves(chopped) – 1 tablespoon

  11. Salt

  12. Mustard – 1 teaspoon

  13. Hurli jhunka powder – 3 tablespoon


  1. In a pan, add oil and let it heat.

  2. Add mustard and let it splutter out.

  3. And add chana dal and urad dal and cook for 1 minute.

  4. To it add onion, garlic, green chillies and curry leaves and fry until onion turns golden brown.

  5. Meanwhile, In a bowl add half cup of water and add the above prepared powder.

  6. Mix well so that there is no lumps in it. consistency should be flowing. Neither thick nor thin.

  7. And add this paste to the pan and add water if required and let it simmer.

  8. Add chopped coriander and coconut and mix well.

Serves 4 people and tastes good with akki rotti.

Quick recipe of akki rotti

Ingredients :

  1. Rice flour – 1 cup

  2. Water – 2 cup

  3. Rock Salt – 1 tablespoon

procedure :

  1. Boil water by adding salt.

  2. Add rice flour and mix well so that there is no lumps.

  3. Knead the dough thoroughly once it’s cool down.

  4. Take a ball of dough and press it using rolling pin.

  5. Cook on tawa for 1 minute both the sides.

  6. Roast it on stove flame or grilling tawa if you have for 2 minutes both the sides.


The more you knead, sides of the rotti wouldn’t break while pressing with rolling pin.


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